Girubuntu Foundation Fundrisaing Campaign Event 2015

This past weekend a fundraising event thrown by none other than famous Rwandan rapper and philanthropist, Jay Polly, supported by many other Rwandan artists like Masamba Intore, Lady Maria Yohana and many more….

The event was the opening ceremony for the 2015 Gira Ubuntu Campaign, the first of what will eventually become an annual event during the memorial period in Rwanda.

Supported by Touch Entertainment, the event went well and the organisers were happy and the funds will help the Girubuntu Fundation Campaign to realise their first dream act of charity by supporting vulnerable and needy women in Kibungo.

The 3 women survivors of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi were left with no husband and no children, no one to support and give them care (Incike), Girubuntu Funds will give those three homes water and Electricity.

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